General Parking

As a church in Downtown Boone, we understand that we are a convenient place to park for folks in our community. However, due to the small size of our lot (and the fact that many spots in the lot do not belong to us), we ask that our spots be reserved for those who call Crosspoint their home church or are actively attending an event on our premises.

Any vehicle found consistently using our lot without a Crosspoint issued parking pass is subject to towing.

Where to Park

When parking in Crosspoint’s lot, please pay attention to the signs around you. All spaces with a yellow cross painted in them belong to Crosspoint. Additionally, you will notice that there are spaces reserved for mothers with young children, Stickboy Bakery staff, and visitors (these are facing the church building). The only other spaces we have are in the gravel row beyond the middle of the lot. All spots facing the tree line (to your left when entering the lot) belong to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. Thank you for following these directions when parking at Crosspoint.

Parking Pass Request

For those who call Crosspoint their home church, you are welcome to use our lot without a parking pass on an occasional basis. However, if you regularly need to use our lot (for events such as meetings downtown or classes at App State), we would ask that you request a Parking Pass by completing the form below for review (this helps us ensure we do not tow your car). Due to a limited availability, we may not be able to accommodate all of your requests, but we hope we can help in some way! Please complete this form with as much detail as possible so we can best determine our response. Thank you!

For what purpose do you regularly need to park at Crosspoint? (Regular work meetings downtown, classes on App State’s campus, etc.)
In as much detail as possible, please explain the days and times when you anticipate needing to regularly park in Crosspoint’s lot.